When BUYING A HOME, you want an Inspector and a Home Inspection company you can trust. 

We believe in the standards of excellence and truth in your HOME INSPECTION, water testing, condo inspection, coop inspection and termite inspection experience.  We take the time to explain and double check everything so you don't have to.  You pay for peace of mind.

Elite Perfection HOME Inspection serves Long Island, 
the Five Boroughs, and surrounding areas.
Our inspectors are licensed HOME INSPECTORS, Termite Inspectors, Radon Inspectors and air quality and mold testing experts with Internachi and Prolab Certifications and 20 years of experience in the field.

To schedule a Home Inspection, call us at (516) 369-0441 or (646)996-4838

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 Why settle for average when you can have Elite Perfection HOME INSPECTION!